7 seats cars

For some car drivers, nothing less than 7 seats will do. This could be due to the fact you have a large family or maybe you and your friends simply enjoy going to events en-masse. One thing’s for sure, 2017 has more choice of people carriers than ever before and here are some of the best options for you right now!

1. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The French car giants have long since had a steady foothold in the MPV arena and this good looking offering is just about as good as it gets for 2017. Comfortable and refined with excellent safety, it is no wonder that the C4 is a firm favorite with families all over Europe. If we had to mention one standout positive point, it would have to be the lovely interior and well-equipped controls. The suspension is smooth and the driving position is better than previous C4s.

2. Volvo XC90

This Swedish SUV has a huge fan base and this by no means is just because of the incredible safety record held by all Volvos. Spacious and very nice to look at, the XC90 also has one of the best interiors in this very competitive class. The boot space is huge and the XC90 can carry 7 adults without breaking a sweat. The large central touchscreen may prove a little daunting at first, but we found it to be the proverbial icing on the cake as far as this SUV is concerned.

3. Audi Q7

Our third and final pick for the best trio of MPV’s for 2017 is an absolute gem of a vehicle. Audi simply does not do things by half and they have created an excellent offering in the shape of the second-generation Q67. The MLB Evo engine is sublime and the performance is astonishing. They have also lost a huge 325kg in weight and this adds to both speed and handling capability in equal measures. Four wheel steering is an extra option that deserves serious consideration and you just know the build quality is going to be the first rate.

So there you have it, three excellent choices for MPV of the year and whichever one you choose, you will be investing in a quality car that will do you and your family proud.

2017 cars

2016 was a great year for motoring enthusiasts: we got the Ford Focus RS, the Fiat 124 Spider, the Aston Martin DB 11, and many more models to get excited about. We saw beautiful creations combining sleek lines and curves, glossy paintwork, and engines that sounded so good they made our hobbyists’ hearts sing.

Yet 2017 is set to top everything that has come before. With numerous new models scheduled to hit the market, we look at some of the very best new cars to look forward to…

Audi A6

Priced at around £35,000, the Audi A6 will be released in mid-2017 and looks as though it’s worth every penny. Incorporating a brand-new powertrain featuring electric turbo technology, its performance and efficiency are set to be off the charts. Thanks to its new lightweight chassis, it will weigh around 100kg less than its predecessor, making it sharp to drive and shift to maneuver. When you feel like kicking back and relaxing, simply let its next generation autonomous driving technology take over for some futuristic fun.

Ford Fiesta

More reasonably priced than the Audi A6, we have the new Ford Fiesta to look forward to. Pegged for release in early 2017, the latest model is priced at around £13,000. Combining all of the fantastic qualities that make the Fiesta not only Ford’s biggest seller but also the most popular new car ever sold in the UK, it retains its trademark size and shape, although with a slightly sharper and more streamlined aesthetic. Inside, the upgrades are more noticeable, with a premium feel and a beautifully developed new infotainment system, but the result is the same: a premium supermini that’s sure to be in high demand.

Nissan Micra

Last but not least, let’s discuss the new Nissan Micra. Slated for release in early 2017, it will be priced at around £12,500 and will be one of the year’s most crucial cars. A supermini to outclass the vast majority of its rivals, it has been revolutionized in its latest incarnation, with a bold and bright aesthetic that’s sure to draw its admirers. Its high-quality interior will be complemented by an exquisite array of technology, including autonomous braking. Boasting performance and kitsch appeal in one, this small car is set to be a very big deal.

If you’re shopping for a new motor in 2017, what will you choose?

If you’re looking at buying a car this year, why not considering purchasing a used vehicle? A used car often doesn’t depreciate in value as quickly as a brand new one and if you don’t drive all that much, a used car can make a better choice than a new one.

If you’re going to be in the market for a new car in 2017, here are some to seriously consider:

1. Kia Cee’d

This is a good all-around car, being spacious and easy to drive. It is also just as good for short around-town trips as it is for longer motorway driving. Best of all, its seven uear/1,000,000-mile warranty can be transferred on the used market, which means you don’t lose that new-car protection, even if you buy it second-hand.

2. Vauxhall Insignia

The Insignia is a handsome-looking car, with high build quality and it makes for a really comfortable driving experience. For someone looking for a great value second-hand car, the Insignia is a good choice because depreciation has hit this particular car hard.

3. Skoda Yeti

The Skoda Yeti is an SUV, but it has lost the bulky look of most of its competition. It has plenty of space for passengers and is a comfortable way to drive. For people needing extra space, the rear seats can be easily moved backward and forwards and for those occasions when you really need a van, the rear seats can even be removed entirely.

4. Dacia Duster

The Duster is easily the least expensive way to own a versatile SUV. It is a solid second-hand car with a high build quality, even if the interior is designed to be more functional than stylish. It has a soft suspension system which helps to make driving long distance comfortable, but it can suffer from leaning if you try to take corners at speed.

5. Ford Focus

No list of second-hand cars would be complete without at least mentioning the Ford Focus. It can seat five in reasonable comfort, is great for city driving and motorway use and is a good car to use on those winding B-roads. Its only real issue is storage space – its boot is a good deal smaller than others in a similar size class.

Stay tuned..