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We are different from other players on the market, because we put the customer first. With us, you’ll get an on the spot evaluation of your car and a guaranteed sale, regardless of the model, brand or even condition and age of your vehicle. Forget about those private car sellers that try to cheat you into offering a much lower price that your car is worth. Our goal is to give you the fairest price. Our prices are set in stone, meaning that after we evaluate your car, we will not try to haggle for a lower price. Depending on the information that you provide us, we will estimate a price, but a final one will only be possible after an inspection. After the transaction is complete, we’ll pay you directly into your bank account so you won’t have to worry about carrying around loads of money.

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Our easy to use online valuation tool will help you get an estimative price for your car. Just enter the make, model and year of your purchase and let us do the rest.


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Quick and Convenient

You don’t even have to lift a finger or your car keys for that matter. Just gives us a call and will be right at your doorstep. No more wasting time driving around looking for the closest branch.


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We’ll give you a fair price that we won’t try to haggle over. With us, you’ll get your car’s actual worth.


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Our team of highly skilled specialists will use the latest technology to valuate your car and give you a correct price.


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