Thinking of selling your car privately?

Think Again

Like many other people, you may think that private selling is a better idea than trading it using our professional service. Yes, you can make more money by selling your car by yourself but… there are disadvantages such as:

No selling guarantee

When you have negative equity, you have to try and sell your car for a high and unrealistic price.

You won’t get what you think you’ll get

Everybody has high expectations, but you must think about the sum someone is willing to invest in a car similar to yours.

Scammers love private sellers

There is a great risk for fraud if you decide to sell your car privately. We’ve seen them all: bad checks, fake certified checks and many more scams that thieves are using these days.

Strangers will come to your house on a daily basis

We deal with all kinds of potential buyers. Luckily, we meet them in a safe and guarded place. Prepare yourself for a myriad of experiences with both good and bad people.

Your phone will ring at random hours of the day…midnight calls are included!

We know from experience. We have potential customers that call us in the morning, during dinner and even when we sleep. People want to buy and they want it “now”, so no one will bother to respect phone etiquette. That’s OK for us, we love our job, but you might want to think twice before deciding to sell your car privately.

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