How it Works

Forget about selling your car the traditional way. Searching for buyers can be difficult and time consuming and in the end you might realize that you didn’t quite get the best deal possible. Sell My Car Dubai offers you a new way in which you can sell your former vehicle. You just have to follow these 3 simple steps:

1- Get an online car valuation

Use our car valuation tool to get an approximate price for your vehicle. The make, model and age of your vehicle can influence the proposed price. Other information such as modifications to the body and engine or interior and mechanical damage can change the valuation.


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Calendar of the years and months

2- Book your appointment

You don’t have to come to us, because we will come to you. Yes, that’s right, just give us a call and we’ll drop by right at your doorstep with our team of professionals. Our specialists will do an on-site inspection, after which we’ll settle at a final price.


3- Sell your car

After we’ve agreed on a fair price, we’ll just sort out all the necessary paperwork and proceed with your payment. If we don’t reach a deal we will give you a professional inspection report for the price of 100 AED.


Cash Money , Dirhams bag you get once you sell a car

Get your Evaluation!